Message of Jesus Christ in Dozulé (Calvados) France








"the Sign of the Son of Man"


With all to save the World : History of the Apparitions


 (Books of Madeleine)




Holy Tuesday, March 28th 1972, at 4.35 a.m.

Madeleine, having opened her bedroom window, started to say the prayer to the Holy Trinity, as she did each morning when her husband left for the factory at 4.30 a.m.


Then she saw a dazzling light in the sky, slightly to the right. Frightened, she got back into bed, thinking that perhaps it was a « flying saucer », because there are people who claim to have seen them.


Eight to ten minutes later she went back to the window : there was nothing. Then, suddenly, in the same place a huge luminous Cross formed in the sky : everything took shape gradually but together, beginning with the extremities - the bottom, the arms and the top - coming together in the medium of the Cross, the base, the arms and the top.

The arms and the top of the Cross were equal, the Cross was enormous - straight, impressive, wonderful, dazzling but easy to look at and lit up the whole horizon : « a bit bigger than the Calvary at Dozulé when I am near it » she explained. (But Madeleine knows and says that words cannot express what she saw.)

A few seconds later, she heard a strong, grave and compelling voice announce :




which echoed as though in a church. She then made the sign of the Cross.
Then gently and very slowly, another voice seeming to come from beside her said :


« You will make known this Cross, and you will carry it. »


A few seconds later everything disappeared « in a flash ». She took a scrap of paper to write down those three words she did not understand.

For nearly two hours she wept :

- « How can I make known the Cross ?


- « How can I tell it to the world ?


- « How can I convince people that Jesus is there, that His Cross dominates the world ? »

And with regard to His orders : 

« Nobody will believe me ! »

She added : 

« I thought it was only saints who had apparitions... I'm only a poor creature, a repentant sinner. »

That same morning, after Mass, Madeleine resolved to ask M. L'Abbé L'Horset (the parish priest) the meaning of the three Latin words. He was astonished, asked, in vain, where she had heard them, and gave her the translation : 


« Behold the CROSS of the LORD ! »


Madeleine became very sad, she no longer felt any spiritual presence during Mass, and thought she would never again see that wonderful Cross. She felt abandoned but stayed calm and in great peace. That lasted about two weeks.

Then a great inner joy flooded her soul. She understood the reason : If Jesus had shown her His Cross, it was not to abandon her, nor was the Message just for her.

But then Madeleine felt torn in two ; her natural reserve and the order given her by Jesus to make His Cross known were hard to reconcile. To die would seem to be the solution, but of course that was only a fleeting thought.

Madeleine now lived through a time of long, profound and generous reflection : this Cross dominates the world which has no idea of It, or ignores It, or simply forgets It. And yet It is the world's only hope. It is there to save us, to remind us of how much Jesus suffered to redeem us.

However, the astonishment and wonder this vision provoked in Madeleine, were different and did not surpass the spiritual joy she felt since April 1970. She writes :

« Real happiness is spiritual joy, it is to unite one's spirit to Jesus' Spirit, it is to let oneself be lead by the Holy Spirit like a child by its mother. »

She adds charitably in her prayers : 

« Make known to all those who receive You in Holy Communion the spiritual joy You have given me, that they may, like me, draw from each Communion the true joys of your presence. »

On Holy Thursday, March 30th 1972, Madeleine went to confession and told the priest, who had rather insisted on knowing, her vision of the Cross. 

« It is sometimes difficult to keep such a secret, » she wrote. She did not tell her eighty-three years old mother nor her husband.




Wednesday, November 8th 1972 at 4.35 a.m.

Madeleine prayed with her arms spread in a cross at her window.

The « luminous Cross », wonderfully beautiful, of a brilliance and limpidity to which no light on earth could be compared, took shape, but it was not preceded by a dazzling light as on the first occasion.

And she heard a voice very close to her, very gentle and very sad, say :

« Penitence, penitence, it is time to save all these sinners who do not love Jesus... » 

And she was told a secret regarding an approaching menace to humanity.

She wrote : 

« The world is so confused by ever increasing progress that the Creator is forgotten... And yet, Jesus will come and save the world and its sadness by the Cross. The sufferings and miseries will come to an end. Then it will be the end - peace... Yes, how marvellous to discover that heavenly light which will have no evening. But to attain all the wonders which God has announced, one must have a pure heart : it is time to convert, to do penitence... »

Madeleine felt so sad she could not help crying. Coming out of Mass, the priest approached her, a thing he never did ordinarily, and asked her : 

« Why are you so sad ? » 

Madeleine, put at ease, then told him the reason.




Thursday, December 7th 1972 at 4.35 a.m.

In the same place, a dazzling light like a flash of lightening and the wonderful Cross took shape for the third time and Madeleine heard a voice from on high :

« Audivi vocem de caelo dicentem mihi... »

Translation : « I heard a voice from heaven which said to me. »

« Tell the priest to erect in this place the Glorious Cross, and at its foot a sanctuary.

Everyone will come here to repent and to find Peace and Joy. »




Tuesday, December 19th 1972 at 4.35 a.m.

The fourth vision of the Cross with this announcement in a very gentle voice as usual :

« You will see this Cross three more times. »




Wednesday, December 20th 1972 at 4.35 a.m.

Fifth vision of the Cross, and a very gentle voice which seemed to be beside her :

« Tell the priest that the Glorious Cross, raised on this spot, has to be comparable to Jerusalem. » 




Thursday, December 21st 1972 at 4.35 a.m.

Sixth vision of the Cross, still in the same place, at the same time and in the same way.

The voice seemed to be beside her :

« Would you be so kind as to tell the Bishop that the priest must not leave his parish before carrying out the task which is asked of him. » 

Madeleine gazed at the Cross for about 15 to 18 minutes. She said : 

« This marvellous light does not hurt the eyes, it only dazzles the spirit. » 

Then she heard :

« Find three people, and together say the rosary for the erection of the Glorious Cross, here, on the border of the Dozulé territory. » 



Note :

From that day, Sisters B. and M. said the rosary with the priest, and were told about the apparitions.




Wednesday evening, December 27th 1972 at 7.00 p.m.


(Feast of St John Evangelist)

Madeleine left the sacristy of the parish church with the priest, and saw the luminous Cross, much smaller and seemingly higher in the sky.

Some seconds after, at Its foot, an oval cloud formed, then the Cross disappeared suddenly and a human form stood on the cloud : 

« Never have I seen anything so beautiful. His Head was inclined and His Hands stretched out towards me as though welcoming me. » 

She heard :

« Don't be afraid, I am Jesus of Nazareth, the Risen Son of Man... Be so good as to repeat this : 

« O sorte nupta prospera Magdalena ! » « Annuntiate virtutes ejus qui vos de tenebris vocavit in admirabile Lumen Suum. » 

Translation from the Latin : « Ô Madeleine, whom a happy fate has made a spouse ! Proclaim the wonders of Him who has called you from shadows to His marvellous light. »

And Madeleine wrote : 

« I was able to admire this marvel for a few more seconds, then everything disappeared suddenly. »

I longed for time to stand still... then I would not have been the only one to see Jesus this evening of December 27th ; all mankind could have admired this Beauty... all would have had the same longing as I : to contemplate Him for all eternity... »

« His eyes are full of love, gentleness and sadness at the same time, and His voice is of an incomparable sweetness... And everyone will see Him one Day soon, coming on a cloud, and on that Day the face of the earth will be dazzled. It is time to lift your heads, there is still time to be saved... We are all one spirit in God. Jesus has deigned to visit me... He is as present to you, but our bodies get in the way and cannot perceive the spiritual... »



Note :

Madeleine has decorated the church and arranged the flowers for a wedding, a task assigned to her because the nuns were absent and which should have been done the previous day, if Father L'Horset had had time to explain to her where the flower vases and ornaments were kept.




Tuesday, June 12th 1973 at 7.00 p.m. in the Chapel

Madeleine finished the recitation of the rosary with the Sisters and the priest. She felt a breeze brush her cheek, thought it was a draught but, intrigued, asked the priest if he too had felt this breeze. After his reply to the negative, the light « of dazzling beauty », appeared where the Tabernacle was.

Jesus appeared, His hands extended in welcome and said :

« Be so kind as to come here. »


Madeleine went up to Him.

« Say this aloud : »


He dictated it slowly, word by word :

« I am the First and the Last and the Living One, and All that has been given you : I am Love, Peace, Joy, Resurrection and Life. Kiss the people present here for love and out of charity for your neighbour. »

Be so kind as to repeat this :

« Attendite quod in aure auditis, praedicate super tecta. Per te, Magdalena, civitas Dozulea decorabitur per Sanctam Crucem et aedificat Sanctuarium Domino in monte ejus. Terribilis est locus iste. »

Translation : Listen ! What you hear in your ear, proclaim it from the housetops. Through you, Madeleine, the city of Dozulé will be adorned by the Holy Cross, and it will build a sanctuary to the Lord on His hill. How awesome is this place !

« Kiss the ground three times in penitence for Iniquity. » 

Jesus was very sad. He looked for a long time at the three persons present and said :

« Say this aloud to the persons who are saying the rosary with you : » (the two Sisters and the priest)

« Make haste to tell the world what you have seen and heard in My Name. Order the Bishop to announce My Law, so that the Glorious Cross may be raised and the Sanctuary of Reconciliation be built on the precise spot where Madeleine has seen it six times, then all come to it in procession. » 

Then Jesus lifted up His arms, the hands turned towards Madeleine, eyes fixed on the distance ; He said :

« When this Cross is raised up on earth, I shall draw everything to Me. » 

Then he lowered His hands and arms in an attitude of welcome and said :

« Be so kind as to come here each First Friday : I will visit you until the erection of the Glorious Cross. » 

Madeleine worshipped Him for a moment, then rising a little, He disappeared.




Friday, July 6th 1973 at 7.05 p.m.

In the Chapel, Jesus appeared in place of the Tabernacle. His hands stretched out to Madeleine in welcome. He smiled for a long time at her, with a very sweet smile, and a look of marvellous kindness. He raised His right hand towards her, placed the other on His breast and said :

« Be so kind as to repeat this :

« Misit Dominus manum suam et dixit mihi : »Spiritus Domini docebit vos quaecumque dixero vobis. »

Translation : « The Lord stretched out His hand and said to me : The Spirit of the Lord will teach you everything I have said to you. »

« Go and tell the Bishop everything I have dictated, and the Lord's servant will have spoken a language which is foreign to her. » 

« But, Lord », said Madeleine, « I don't remember it any more ! » 

« Remember this word of Mine : You will witness in my Name, and you will not need to practise what you have to say, for I shall be with you. » 

Then Jesus desappeared.



First Friday of August 1973

Jesus did not come.

Madeleine left the Chapel weeping, could not sleep and thought she had not done what Jesus asked of her - to go to the Bishop.

She went a few days later, with the priest and Sister B., hesitant and anxious. Once there, the Holy Spirit brought everything back to mind and the Bishop said : 

« If this comes from God it will persist. »

She was happy to have accomplished what Jesus asked of her, and in the car going back to Dozulé, there was great joy.

« Without You, Holy Spirit, nothing exists, nothing is possible. We are only darkness. But when one possesses You : all is joy, all is love, all is possible. » 




Friday September 7th 1973 at 7.00 p.m.

In the Chapel the light appeared in the place of the Blessed Sacrament, then Jesus, smiling with such a sweet smile.

« Make a genuflection and greet Him... Rejoice, Jesus of Nazareth, the Risen Son of Man is there, in front of me, surrounded with light... His hands and His countenance shine like the Sun, His look is all love and kindness... and this is what the First and the Last and the Living One says to all of you who are witnesses :

« Rejoice, rejoice without ceasing in the Lord. May your joy be known to all men. Rejoice as the Lord's servant present here overflows with joy in the light she discovers... Be humble, patient, charitable... » 

Then looking more serious :

« Kiss the ground three times per penitence for Iniquity. » 

Jesus looked so sad. He always looked at the people in the Chapel so sadly, as though He saw the world.

Madeleine asked Him why, and He answered :

« I am sad because of the lack of faith in the world, because of all those who do not love my Father... » 

Then very slowly :

« Say this aloud :

« Go everyone in procession to the exact spot where the Lord's servant saw the Glorious Cross, and every day say this HUMBLE PRAYER, followed by a decade of the rosary. » One« Our Father » and ten « Hail Marys »

Then Jesus said :

« Say the whole rosary, you and the people who say it with you. » 

Dictated very slowly, gravely and firmly :

- Mercy, my God, on those who blaspheme You : forgive them, they know not what they do.

- Mercy, my God, for the scandal in the world : deliver them from the spirit of Satan.

- Mercy, my God, on those who run away from You : give them appreciation for the Holy Eucharist.

- Mercy, my God, on those who will come repentant to the Glorious Cross : may they find there Peace and Joy in God Our Saviour.

- Mercy, my God, so that your Kingdom may come, but save souls, there is still time... for the time is drawing near, see, I am coming... Amen. Come, Lord Jesus. » 

Madeleine was in tears. Jesus looked at her sadly while she recited the rosary. After it, He said :

« Lord, pour out on the whole world the treasures of Your Infinite Mercy. »

« Be so kind as to repeat this :

« Vos amici mei estis, si feceritis quae Ego praecipio vobis...

Translation : « You are My friends, if you do what I command you. »

Each time that you bear witness in my Name, be so good as to repeat this. » 

Madeleine said : « Lord, I shall do as You will. » 




Friday October 5th 1973 at 7.00 p.m.

In the Chapel, Jesus took the place of the Blessed Sacrament. There was neither altar nor monstrance. The Lord appeared quite near to Madeleine, slightly raised, His feet resting on a flat stone with some pebbles beside it. His right foot a little forward, uncovered nearly to the ankle, the left foot mostly hidden by the robe, which was held in by a cord. The neckline, which was round and gathered, revealed the neck, the sleeves were rather wide like an alb, the robe was all in one. His hair, rather long, fell to His shoulders, His hands were full of light, like His countenance, which was marvellous, everything else was white. His look was love and kindness shining like the sun.

« I underline this phrase, I have it from Jesus, » wrote Madeleine.

He smiled at her, His hands stretched out in welcome. Madeleine genuflected, bowed to Him, then knelt down and made the sign of the Cross.

« I do it automatically, without Him asking me to : doubtless it is He who makes me do it : I have to do it, » explained Madeleine.

He stayed some moments without speaking. She marvelled at this vision, and He said :

« Tell the people here to say with you the prayer I have taught them, followed by a decade of the rosary :

- Mercy, my God, on those who blaspheme You : forgive them, they know not what they do.

- Mercy, my God, for the scandal of the world : deliver them from the spirit of Satan,

- Mercy, my God, on those who run away from You : give them appreciation for the Holy Eucharist.

He who does the will of my Father and who eats this Bread will live for ever in this Light...

- Mercy, my God, on those who will come repentant to the Glorious Cross : may they find there Peace and Joy in God Our Saviour.

- Mercy, my God, so that your Kingdom may come, but save souls, there is still time... for the time is drawing near, see, I am coming... Amen.

Come, Lord Jesus. » 

Jesus quietly recited the decade of the rosary with Madeleine, who waited for each Hail Mary, and who wrote : 

« It was so moving to say the rosary with Jesus, that I had never said it before so slowly. » 

Then Jesus said :

« Lord, pour out on the whole world the treasures of Your infinite Mercy. » 

Madeleine observed :

« I believe I did not repeat this phrase so absorbed was I by the wonderful presence of Jesus. I could stay endlessly admiring Him without saying anything, or asking for anything ; besides, there is nothing to ask ; I neither hear nor move, and when Jesus is there, I am no longer on this earth. I neither see nor think of anything round me... no words can explain what I feel... one has the impression that in this clear light one could see to the depths of the universe or of eternity.

I can assure anyone who doubts, that there is certainly another world than the one we see, and the one we do not see is the more marvellous. » 

Jesus added :

« Say this aloud : « The Glorious Cross…

Here He looked round at those present :

raised on the high ground, must be comparable to the city of Jerusalem by its vertical dimension. Its arms must stretch from East to West. It should be all lit up... » 

And with a grave expression :

« Thus is the Sign of the Son of Man... 

At a hundred metres from the site of the Glorious Cross in the direction of the right arm dig down, water will come out there. You will all come and wash as a sign of purification... » 

Leaning towards Madeleine, without telling her to say it aloud :

« Always be joyful, don't bewail the general cataclysm of this generation, because all this must happen. But behold the Sign of the Son of Man in the sky. And now the time of the nations must be accomplished. All will beat their breasts. After the evangelisation of the whole world, then I shall return in glory. » 

He looked at Madeleine, smiled and disappeared.




Friday, November 2nd 1973 at 7.00 p.m.

In the Chapel, Jesus appeared with His hands open, lifted His arms in the form of a Cross, His head bent slightly towards the right as though He were about to be crucified ; there were no wounds - in fact I have never seen His wounds. He said :

« Dozulé will be, henceforth, a blessed and holy town... You are living in a time of supreme effort by Evil against Christ. Satan has been let out of his prison. He has taken possession of the whole earth. » 

Jesus always speaks to me very slowly. That day, His voice was very, very grave. I was very sad to see Him like that. Then He said to me :

« Gog and Magog, their number is incalculable. Whatever happens, do not worry. All will be thrown into the fire for eternity... Blessed are they who are captivated only by the Supreme God. » 

Then Jesus lowered His arms and hands and resumed his usual position, that is with His hands held out towards me, and He said :

« This message is for you :

« Blessed the one who is captivated only by the Supreme God, for My Father is only Goodness. He forgives the greatest sinner at the last moment of His life... Tell those who are dying repentant, that the greater the sin, the greater is My Mercy. At the very moment when a soul leaves its body, it finds itself in this splendid Light. Tell them - Jesus' words. » 

Jesus smiled at her for a long while, left her a serious message for the Bishop, and told her something concerning herself personally...

Then Jesus disappeared.



Friday December 7th 1973

Jesus did not come.

Madeleine waited a long time. At 7.45 p.m. she left the Chapel. She knows, however, that He is always there, present in our day to day living. She wrote :

« My Jesus if you knew how I love you ! and He knows... » 




Friday, January 4th 1974 at 4.15 p.m.

Madeleine, who came at about 2.00 p.m. to do some ironing at the Convent, first went to the Chapel to adore Jesus. She left and came back about 3.00 p.m.« as though something impelled me » ; she felt riveted to her place, inclined to stay ther indefinitely ; she heard 4.15 p.m. chime...

She was about to begin the last decade of the rosary, when she suddenly became blind, felt her heart pounding and cried out to the priest who, at that moment, was there with Sister M. 

« What's happening to me ? I can't see any more... I'm frightened !... what time is it ?... I want to go home. » 

She heard the priest come to her. He said later : 

« I came near her, and she certainly gave every sign of being blind ; she seemed to be quite lost in darkness, her eyes without light, her face wan, confused and panicky.

« I tried to reassure her, thinking that it was the first episode of a mystical phenomenon rather than an unexpected trial. » 

« Just wait a few moments it will pass. » I asked Sister M. to fetch Sister B. who came immediately. » 

However Madeleine was not reassured. She wrote later : 

« I said to myself : you can see that it's not he who is in my place ! I asked myself what would become of me, I thought of my family, my children... how miserable I felt. Jesus did tell me that I should suffer for sinners one day after a visit. He didn't tell me I would become blind. He told me what would happen to my body and how, particularly, I would suffer in spirit... what I said was out of fright...

I didn't think, either, that it came from Jesus, it wasn't the time, because before it was 7 o'clock in the evening when I saw Him.

Then in this terrible anguish, in the darkness, not only of sight but of spirit, joy flooded my being. » 

The priest said : 

« her eyes which were dull recovered their sparkle, her sorrow was transformed into an immense joy, and indescribable peace. » 

She wrote : 

« I imagine it's the same for someone suffering on his deathbed : when the soul leaves its body, it suffers no more, but suddenly finds itself in this gentleness, this spiritual light, it is transfigured with Jesus. »

Then the light appeared as usual in place of the Blessed Sacrament, still more beautiful, more shining, and purer than usual ...

Madeleine, who was at the back of the Chapel thought : 

« I am in His hands, we are all in His hands, He is Master and does what He wills with us ; we must thank Him for all the graces He gives us, if we can see, hear, walk, if we have health and are happy, it is thanks to Him, and Him alone. He can take all that from us in an instant... » 

And Jesus appeared, His right hand on his Heart, the left hanging down the side of His body. He smiled at her and said :

« Why are you afraid ? Why do you doubt ? I am here ! » 

She answered : 

« Lord, I was afraid because I thought I was going blind... »

He said :

« Tell them that everyone on earth is like that - in darkness. »

And then without telling her to say it aloud :

« Kiss the ground three times in penitence for the lack of Faith. »

which she did.

Then Jesus, with a slow gesture, took His hand from His Heart, held it out to her making a sign for her to come nearer and at the same time He said :

« Come up here and greet Me. » 

Madeleine went on her knees very near Him and bowed as He taught her.

He said, with His hand on His Heart :

« Be so kind as to repeat this :

« Ecce Dominus noster cum virtute veniet et illuminabit oculos servorum Suorum. Laetamini, laetamini in Domino, laetamini cum Magdalena. Paratum cor ejus : »Speravi in Domino, ut se simplicitas prodit amabilis. »

Translation : « See Our Lord will come with power and will enlighten the eyes of His servants. Rejoice, rejoice in the Lord, rejoice with Madeleine. Her heart is ready : « I have hoped in the Lord, so that a loving simplicity may reflect Him. »

Then without telling her to repeat it aloud :

« Every time you return to your place after each Communion, put your left hand on your heart, and your right hand across it. » 

While He explained it, Jesus made the gesture ... He smiled at her for a few instants and disappeared.



First Friday, February 1974

Jesus did not appear.




March 1st 1974 from 3.30 to 3.40 p.m.

The priest, three Sisters, and four ladies were present in the Chapel. 

« Here is the Light », said Madeleine.

Jesus appeared as usual in the same place as though to welcome Madeleine. He smiled at her for a few moments ; He raised His eyes to heaven, with a grave and faraway look. He said :

« Be so good as to repeat this : » 

He raised His arms in a cross, a little bit higher, and said very slowly, each phrase being repeated by Madeleine.

« Ecce cujus imperti(*) Nomen est in aeternum. Quae videt Me, videt et Patrem Meum, Magdalena ! » »Annuntiate virtutes ejus qui vos de tenebris vocabit in admirabile Lumen Suum. Nolite timere, Deum benedicite, et cantate Illi. »

Translation : « Behold Him whose Name is of eternal Reign. Who sees Me sees My Father. Madeleine ! Announce the marvels of Him who has called you from darkness into His admirable Light. Don't be afraid, bless the Lord and sing to Him »

Jesus continued :

« I am the Light of the world, and the Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not understand Me. »

« Penitence, penitence, penitence, kiss the ground three times in penitence for the lack of faith in the world. » 

Then He assumed His usual position :

« Today Jesus of Nazareth, the Risen Son of Man, is visiting me for the eighth time. His hands, His face shine like the sun, His clothes are brilliantly white, His look is Love and Kindness. Love your neighbour as I love you ; your look should be love and kindness for each one of you. Kiss someone present with love and charity. » 

Madeleine kissed the first person there, it was Sister M. de l'A., superior general of B.

Then Jesus added :

« This gesture is a sign of love and reconciliation for the whole world. Rejoice, Mary, said the Archangel Gabriel at the Conception of the Son of Man. » 

Then in a very grave voice :

« Truly I say to you, today it is the same. Rejoice, because the time is near when the Son of Man will come back in glory. Rejoice, rejoice in the Lord without ceasing, may your joy be known to all men because of the words you have just heard, because of My Name. » 

Then some moments after :

« Let each of you, in the silence of your heart, ask God for the grace you desire ; this very day it will be granted you. » 

Madeleine stayed some moments in silence. Then she listened to the very serious words Jesus said to her. She did not dare to repeat them because of their gravity ; she confided them to the priest on leaving the Chapel.

In the same attitude, Jesus went on :

« Tell the Church that she must renew her message of PEACE to the whole world, because the hour is grave. Satan is directing the world, he seduces minds, makes them capable of destroying humanity in a few moments. If humanity does not resist him, I shall give him leave to act, and it will be a catastrophe, such as has not been since the Deluge, and this will be before the end of the century. All those who come to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross will be saved. Satan will be destroyed ; thereafter it will be only Peace and Joy. » 

Then He disappeared.




Friday, April 5th 1974 at 3.40 p.m.

In the Chapel the halo of light formed in place of the monstrance, then Jesus appeared, His hands outstretched as though to welcome Madeleine, who was lost in admiration of Him. « It is so wonderful. » 

He smiled at her.

She asked Him aloud :

« If you are Christ, why do I never see your Wounds ? » 

The priest had told her to ask this question.

Jesus continued to smile at her.

She wrote : 

« What a mysterious sweetness I felt at that moment, I didn't feel I was any longer on earth. » 

Jesus then raised His right hand and said :

« Peace be with you ! »

« Say this aloud :

Then, reverting to His usual position and no longer smiling, He said :

« Jesus asks : why this anxiety, why do these thoughts arise in You ? You, priests who have the charge of accomplishing what I ask of you, is it easier to cry miracle on seeing water springing from the hill, than to hear the Lord's servant saying words she does not understand ? Men of little faith, remember My Words. » 

Jesus' voice was severe :

« Those who come in my Name will speak languages unknown to them. » 

After a little silence, and without telling her to repeat it :

« Don't have any doubt, get up, touch My Hands. » 

Madeleine rose, Jesus offered her His left hand, then His right hand.

She wrote : 

« So I took His two hands in mine. » 

The people present saw Madeleine stretch out her hands, to the right and then to the left, on each side of the monstrance as though to take Christ's Hands.

He said to me :

« Do not doubt any more. A spirit has no hand, no flesh. »

Madeleine went back to her place and knelt down.

Jesus said :

« Say this to them :(She repeated it aloud) Do not doubt any longer, it is indeed the Risen Jesus that I am seeing today for the seventh time(*). I have just touched His Hands. » 



 (*) Note :

The 14th, 15th and 16th apparitions present some confusion concerning the manner of counting « visits » or « visions » of Our Lord.

- at the 14th was said : « Jesus is visiting me for the 8th time », and here the 7th apparition is counted as a visit.

- at the 15th was said : « I see Him for the 7th time », and here the 7th apparition is not counted, nor is the 13th apparition where Madeleine did not see .

- at the 16th was said : « He visits me for the 17th time » and here the 7th apparition is counted as 2 visits of Christ in Glory, and the 6 first visions of the Glorious Cross are counted as visits (6 + 2 + 8 + the 16th = 17times).

Then in response to the wish of those who did not know where to dig the pool, Madeleine asked aloud : 

« Lord, where must we dig to find the water ? » 

He answered :

« The Glorious Cross must be raised on the high mound, nearest to the limit of the Dozulé territory, at the exact spot where there is a fruit tree, The Tree of Sin, because the Glorious Cross will liberate from all sin. Its arms must extend to the East and the West. Each arm must measure 123 metres and its height be six times as much. It is from the radius of 123 metres, space occupied by the Cross, that the 100 metres must be measured. Then, dig a pool 2.00 x 1.50 metres and 1 metre deep. Make an enclosure. Water will well up. » 

Then Jesus added :

« If your heart is dry, then there will be little water, and few will be saved. »

Then, He said :

« Vos amici mei estis si feceritis quae Ego praecipio vobis, dixit Dominus » 

Translation : « You are My friends if you do what I command you, says the Lord. »

He added :

« Put your left hand on your heart and the right hand over it. » 

Then Jesus disappeared and Madeleine went back to her place.

She wanted to shout out her joy, she wept with joy and said to the priest and another person present, as they left the Chapel : 

« Jesus is really alive. Risen in the flesh, I touched His hands. They are hands of flesh like ours, they are warm... I want to sing... » 

At her request they sang the Magnificat

« I have been ordered to say nothing, one must obey the priests and bishops. That is what has restrained me. I would have liked to shout out my joy to everyone, so as to give the joy of the Risen Jesus to all who doubt. » 



Good Friday, April 12th 1974

After agreement between Sister B. and the owner of the meadow, three men came in the afternoon to dig the pool. It was cold and on a spirit stove at the bottom of the hole being excavated, Sister B. warmed up some coffee for the volunteers…




Friday, May 3rd 1974, 5.10 to 5.25 p.m.

Jesus appeared, His hands extended towards Madeleine. He smiled at her and she was very happy ; she would have stayed indefinitely in His presence.

He said :

« Say this aloud : The priest is not mistaken ; this crooked tree is the symbol of sin. Pull it up before any fruit appears, and make haste to have the Glorious Cross raised in its place, because the Glorious Cross will free from all sin. » 

Madeleine said : 

« A moment later Jesus joined His hands on His Breast. He looked at me sorrowfully, I saw two tears flow from His eyes. I wept then ; Jesus was so sad. »

Then He said :

« Woe to the whole of humanity if there is no water in the pool within fifty days of its completion, because Satan is hindering the purification of most people. Remember what I said, I shall leave him free to act because of the lack of faith. »

A moment later :

« Tell the Church to send the Message all over the world and to hurry in erecting, at the place indicated, the Glorious Cross and, at its foot, a sanctuary. Everyone will come there to repent and find Peace and Joy. The Glorious Cross, or the Sign of the Son of Man, is the announcement of the approaching return in glory of the Risen Jesus. When this Cross will have been raised from the ground, I will draw everything to Myself. »

Then :

« Find eleven persons in this blessed and holy town ; they will be My disciples. They will beg from door to door in My Name for the elevation of the Glorious Cross. And here are the orders which each disciple will respect :

- work until the erection of the Glorious Cross,

- be humble, patient, charitable, so that you may be recognized as My disciples,

- don't look for any personal advantage, only to have the Glorious Cross raised, because everyone who comes to it to repent will be saved.

Then, without specifying that she should repeat it :

« Tell the priest that I am visiting you for the seventeenth time, for the Glorious Cross is also the Risen Jesus. » 

Then He disappeared.



Note :

The priest and Madeleine had in vain climbed the hill together to try and pinpoint the exact site of the Cross. They then made use of electric torches pointed towards the sky.

Madeleine stayed at the window from which she had six times seen the Cross, and she directed the priest as he climbed the hill. This brought him to a little round knoll, surrounded by a ditch which is in fact, at the limit of the Dozulé territory. There remained to establish the exact spot on this knoll where the Lord asked for the implantation of the Cross.

The priest thought that this could well be at the crooked apple tree. But he wasn't sure and could not sleep that night thinking about it.

Jesus here confirms how right he was.

The pool had been dug by counting 223 metres on a string tied to the trunk of the apple tree. The appearance of water in this pool became the essential preoccupation. They even forgot to go to the site of the Cross. They made a novena after Pentecost for this water which still didn't come.

One night Madeleine and Sister M. dreamed that the water had appeared in the pool. They told the priest in the morning, and he replied : « What beautiful dreams you have, Sister ! » The previous evening he had seen that there was no water in the pool. All the same, Madeleine climbed the hill, and saw that the water really was there, a lot of it. It was 30 centimetres deep. They inquired at the meteorological station which replied that it hadn't rained during the night, and that such a depth of water could not be obtained by a rainfall.



Jesus of Nazareth speaks to the Nations




Friday, May 31st 1974 from 9.45 to 10.05 a.m.

Madeleine did not expect to see Jesus because it was not the First Friday. But every morning she went to the Chapel to visit Jesus after taking the children to school.

Shortly before communion, Sister B. came to fetch the priest for a sick person. He didn't expect to be absent long.

Suddenly, the halo of light appeared in place of the tabernacle. It was wider and seemed lower than the previous times, and it seemed to be awaiting someone.

Madeleine said to Sister B. whom she fetched : 

« There is someone there, but it isn't Jesus » on seeing someone appear, « it's someone I don't know. » 

Madeleine added :

« I felt present in the Chapel whereas before I was totally absorbed by the vision of Christ, unaware of everything round me... » 

« This unknown being held a kind of banner, on top a little cross ; this as well as the shaft was of the same colour and brilliance as gold. And below the cross a pennant in cloth, it seemed, carried three words of which I thought I glimpsed the first and the last : »QUIS... DEUS. » The lower end of the shaft was pointed like a lance or a pike. The personage had short curly hair, resembling a soldier's. His tunic was short ; His right hand held the middle of the shaft, a kind of thong was fastened round his calves. » 


I asked him : « Who are you ? »


« I greet you », and he bowed his head to me.


« I am Michael the Archangel,


God has sent me.

You will see the Mysteries of the Redeemer
and you will repeat each phrase,
one after the other,
as I dictate them to you. » 


Madeleine said : « If God has sent you, I will obey you. »


Still visible, the Archangel said :


« Per Mysterium Sanctae Incarnationis Tuae. »


« By the Mystery of Thy Holy Incarnation »


And he desappeared.

Madeleine said : 

« I saw someone kneeling, robed all in white. I thought it was an angel. He was looking at a beautiful young girl, with a kerchief on her head. On seeing the angel, she bowed, and stayed with her head bent. She put one hand over the other on her breast, in the same way that the Lord taught me. I particularly noticed this gesture which struck me. A few seconds later, everything disappeared. »

Then I saw the Angel again who said :


« Per Nativitatem Tuam. »


« By Thy Nativity »


The Archangel disappeared.

Madeleine then saw a baby in a reed cradle, or on straw arranged like a cradle ; there were many people around in long robes, who seemed to admire Him... then everything faded.

She saw the Archangel in the same place, and concludes that he is always there, but disappears from sight because of the importance of the living picture shown her.

Before disappearing he said :


« Per Baptismum et Sanctum Jejunium Tuum. »


« By Thy Baptism and Holy Fast »


Jesus was accompanied by a tall man, though not as tall as Jesus. He was dressed in a kind of cape or shorthaired fur. I saw water flowing like a river. This man held a ladle by its handle, he took water from the river, and poured it over Jesus' head ; a few seconds later : Jesus climbed an uphill path, and at the top, sat down. He crossed His hands, raised His eyes to heaven, as though praying, then everything disappeared.

She saw the Archangel again who said :


« Per Crucem et Passionem Tuam. »


« By Thy Cross and Thy Passion »


then disappeared.

On his right shoulder, Jesus painfully carried a very heavy Cross, walking in the middle of a path. On each side of the path, a crowd seemed to be laughing. Some raised their hands as though to throw something at Him.

Jesus didn't fall in spite of the weight of the Cross. I was surprised ; several times I thought He was going to collapse on the road, poor Jesus. Then the picture faded.

The Archangel reappeared and said :


« Per Mortem et Sepulturam Tuam. »


« By Thy Death and Thy Burial »


before disappearing.

Madeleine saw Jesus on the Cross, apparently dead, the head fallen forward, the torso naked, a large wound on the right side, and under the wound a thin rivulet of what seemed to be coagulated blood. Three persons were at the foot of the Cross, one on each side, standing, and looking at Jesus' face with grief.


The one in the middle knelt and clasped the foot of the Cross with both hands, as though she wanted to kiss Jesus' feet, nailed to a wooden support.


Madeleine wept.

Again she saw the Archangel who said :


« Per Sanctam Resurrectionem Tuam. »


« By Thy Holy Resurrection »


At that moment, Madeleine saw Jesus alive, and a great joy took possession of her. He looked as He did the very first time, on the evening of December 27th1972, smiling, His hands extended towards her in a gesture of welcome and He said :

« I am Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Man Risen, and He added : from the dead.

Look at My Wounds. » 

With His right Hand, He drew away the right side of his robe, even though it had no opening.

Madeleine then saw a large wound but without blood. On the back of his right hand she saw a small hole. His left hand, held out to her, also had a hole in the palm, and the same on each foot.

Then He said :

« Come near and touch My Side. »


Madeleine rose, and put out her right hand, and with the first and second fingers touched the edge of the Wound, which seemed deep.

She was very moved and said :

« Lord, you suffered so much for us. »

She was saddened by the thought that Jesus had suffered so much for the world, the sin of the world, the ingratitude of the world, for all of us, poor sinners.

She knelt down again, and Jesus took up His usual position, His hands held out to her. His robe was back in place.

He said to her :

« Say this aloud. »

He dictated each sentence slowly, and she repeated it.

« Jesus asks you to let the whole world know the prayer He taught you. He asks that the Glorious Cross and the Sanctuary should be raised by the end of the Holy Year. »

There is a Holy Year every twenty-five years, and 1975 was a Holy Year.

(5th March 1983 - 22nd April 1984, is an exceptional Holy Year, announced by Pope John-Paul II, commemoration of 1950th anniversary of Christ's Resurrection and our Redemption.)

« For it will be the last Holy Year. Every year let a solemn feast be celebrated on the day when Madeleine saw the Cross for the first time. Everyone who, full of trust, will have come here to repent, will be saved in this life and for eternity. Satan will have no more power over them. » 

A few moments later and in a very grave voice :

« Truly I tell you, My Father has sent Me to save you and to give you Peace and Joy. Know that I am Love and Compassion. »

 And He adds :

« This is the end of My Message. »

Jesus was still there when the Archangel, without being visible, said the following words which Madeleine repeated :


« Per Admirabilem Ascensionem Tuam »


« By Thy Admirable Ascension »


At that moment Jesus raised His right Hand over Madeleine and said :

« Peace be with you and with all who approach you. » 

Jesus lowered His Hand.

Madeleine saw Him rise gently and smoothly and then disappear.

Again Madeleine saw the Archangel who said :


« Per Adventum Spiritus Sancti Paracliti. »


« By the coming of the Holy Spirit the Paraclete »


He stayed there and said :

« Jesus has just left you. His Message is ended but you will see Him again. »

He added the following which Madeleine repeated aloud :

« Per cujus imperti Nomen est in aeternum, ab omni malo libera nos Domine. »

« By Him Whose Name is of eternal Reign, from all evil deliver us, Ô Lord ! »    

The Archangel said to her, without indicating that she should repeat it :

« That means : By Him Whose Name is of eternal Reign, from all evil deliver us, O Lord. » 

The Archangel said :

« Say this aloud :

God reproaches priests for their slowness in accomplishing their task and for their incredulity. God has asked them to tell the world the marvels of Him who called Madeleine from darkness to His admirable Light, for the Glorious Cross will adorn the town of Dozulé. They have not done this at all. That is the reason for the lack of water in the pool. A calamitous drought will fall on the entire world. Let priests attentively read the Message and scrupulously respect what has been asked of them. »

« Ask the person present to give you a candle. » (Sister B.)

When Madeleine was holding the candle, the Archangel said :

« Put the lighted candle on the spot from which Christ has just left you. Let all who come to this chapel imitate you. » 

A moment later :

« You have the whole day to tell the priest and people who want to hear you ; you will remember everything, they will be surprised at your memory. Let the priest find one person, who will reread the Message three times to him and repeat it to him ; he will not be able to. » 

The Archangel looked at Madeleine and continued :

« Write what I am going to say to you when you get home. You will hand this writing to the priest when he says to you : 

« I have an appointment with the Bishop in the week of the Sacred Heart. »

« Make a novena beginning on the feast of the Sacred Heart. This novena will consist of one mystery a day -the mysteries which have been taught to you. Then go and see the Bishop. You will tell him that God has sent you. Give him the entire Message, that he may know it fully. The doors will open, the Bishop's heart will melt. » 

So, in the meantime, Madeleine carefully kept this writing.

On Wednesday June 12th the priest came to tell her : 

« I have an appointment with the Bishop next week. » 

She said : 

« That's the week of the Sacred-Heart. » 

The priest : « I don't know about that. » 

Madeleine : « I'm certain of it. » 

There and then she gave him her writing, the «note » which the Archangel had told her to write.

She felt impelled to go and see the Bishop, and it was indeed the week of the Sacred Heart. Altogether they made a Novena beginning on the feast of the Sacred Heart.

Madeleine wanted to go and see the Bishop.

« But one can't go and see the Bishop like that, I have to make an appointment », said the priest, « you must obey. »

Madeleine wrote :

« One must always obey, but I longed to disobey, because I know that God gave me this urge. An inexplicable urge gave me the courage to go there. My disappointment was very great. »

Madeleine wept about it, certain that the Bishop would have received her. To please men she had disobeyed God.

« I think God reproaches me for it, » she said.

She had no means of transport, except a motor-bicycle, and the Bishop lived quite far away.

She went three months later : « There was no more urge, the grace had passed by, » she said after.



The first Friday of June 1974

Jesus did not appear.




Friday July 5th 1974

Jesus appeared but remained silent.



Friday, July 19th 1974

The discovery of water in the pool, much more than fifty days after the warning of May 3rd. (exactly 98 days after...!)




Saturday, August 3rd, 1974

Madeleine was in her garden checking if the laundry was dry. Going into the house, she heard a faraway voice, coming from the site of the Cross :

« This is Michael the Archangel, listen to me. »

Madeleine knelt down, turned towards the voice :

« Tell the priest to cement three sides of the pool, but not the bottom. On the fourth side, that of the width, at the end, cement twenty five centimetres, then make three steps. Let all come in procession, and not fear to wash in this dusty water, for know that you are dust, and into dust you will return. But your spirit will be purified. This water is not a spring, it comes out of the earth.

Happy the man who will come to be purified and not fear to soil himself. » 




Friday September 6th 1974 in the Chapel

Sister MM. was with Madeleine when she cried out with joy : 

« There's the Light ! » 

Then, to the left of the Blessed Sacrament, appeared St Michael.

He said :

« Greetings ! »

Madeleine went on her knees before him, a little to the left of the Blessed Sacrament. He said :

« Do not come on your knees to me, but before Him whom you have come to adore. » 

Madeleine rose, and knelt down before the Blessed Sacrament. At that moment she saw luminous rays stream from the Host. They seemed alive, renewing themselves endlessly as they left the Host, as though from a luminous well-spring. It was difficult to put into words.

St Michael was somewhat in the background :

« Do not grieve over little David's eyes. If God wills he should be like that, it is not because his eyes are closed, but because his parents’ eyes are shut to the Light of Faith. Light a candle on the spot where the Lord left you last time. » 

During these words the Sacred-Host never stopped projecting illuminating rays. Then everything faded.



Note :

Little David, with the bad eyes, is Madeleine's grandson.

A short while before, a lady from Paris, praying in the Basilica at Lisieux for her son who had lost his Faith, heard : « Dozulé, Dozulé... » On inquiry, she discovered it referred to a small town nearby, and went there. The story she told about it to the priest, disturbed him deeply.



The First Friday of October 1974

Jesus did not appear.




Friday, November 1st 1974. All Saints.

Madeleine went to Mass at 8.00 a.m. in the Church. Then at 3.30 p.m. she went for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. She returned for Benediction at 8.00 p.m. with little Ghislaine.

At the moment the priest lifted the monstrance for the blessing, the halo of light formed and the Host sparkled with rays.

Madeleine heard :

« Say this aloud. » (She repeated it aloud.)

« 'Dicite in nationibus*...' Tell all nations that God has spoken by the mouth of His servant. He has revealed to her that the Great Tribulation is near, for she has seen that the Sign of the Son of Man which rises in the East is forthwith in the West... This Sign of the Son of Man is the Lord's Cross. I tell you truly, the time has come for the world to repent, FOR A UNIVERSAL CHANGE IS NEAR, such as has never been from the beginning of the world until this day, and will never be again. When the calamitous drought already foretold, falls upon the world, only the pool God has caused to be dug will hold water, not for drinking, but for you to wash as a sign of purification. And you will all come and repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross, which God is asking the Church to raise.

* Translation : Tell all nations !

Then at that moment, all the nations of the earth will lament and it is at this Cross that they will find Peace and Joy.

After these day of distress then will appear in the heavens the Son of Man Himself, with great majesty and power, to gather the chosen from the four corners of the earth.

Blessed the repentant for they will have eternal life.

Truly, I say to you, heaven and earth will pass, but My Words will never pass. » 

Then to Madeleine alone, at the moment when the priest in a silent prayer, on behalf of the Bishop, was asking for a sign :

« Tell them there will be no other signs than the Sign of God Himself ; the only visible sign is the attitude of His servant and her words which are the words of God, and these words are irrefutable.

If man does not erect the Cross, I shall make it appear but there will be no more time. » 

Then the light disappeared.




Friday February 14th 1975 - First Friday of Lent.

In the Chapel at 3.00 p.m. Jesus appeared preceded by the halo of light but He said nothing.

Madeleine stayed in adoration about ten minutes. She was alone, she had a presentiment that the Lord would come back very Friday in Lent.



The Mission of Madeleine



Friday, February 21st 1975 at 3.00 p.m.

The priest was there. At 3.10 p.m. Jesus appeared smiled and with a grave manner said :

« Tell the priest that it is in the Name of God and by Him that you have prophesied. Then, tell him to take the Message to those who have the charge of carrying it out with confidence and humility, because there is little time left to do what I am asking. » 

He smiled at me, and I said to Him :

« What joy for me to see You again ! how many times more will I see You ? »

He smiled a long time at me but did not answer.

After some moments everything faded.




Friday February 28th 1975 from 3.00 to 3.30 p.m.

Jesus appeared His Hands hanging down each side. He smiled at Madeleine, He put His left Hand on His beast, raised the right Hand as through to bless her. His Face was so kind, His expression and His eyes full of extreme goodness and great gentleness.

After a few moments He said :

« Tell the priest : I wish to pour My Mercy into human hearts, first for those who know My Message and then for the whole world.

Those who have the charge of raising the Glorious Cross must not be blind, for there will be no other sign than this prophetess who has been called from darkness into Light.

Truly, there will not be any other sign, for this generation is the most hypocritical and the most wicked. » 

Before leaving Madeleine, He lowered His Hands and Arms, smiled at her and disappeared.




Friday March 7th 1975 at 4.00 p.m. in the Chapel

Jesus appeared, smiled a Madeleine, and while looking at the priest said :


« Tell the priest that this town, which is blessed and sacred, will be protected from every calamity, particularly each household which says daily the prayer I taught them, followed by a decade of the rosary. »

Then the Lord stopped looking in the priest's direction. He looked at Madeleine, extended His hands towards her, the right further forward, and said :

« It is to you that I am speaking (smiling) : « be humble, but don't accept any help for yourself. You have nothing to expect from this world, but your joy will be immense in the next. » 

Jesus lowered His Hans and disappeared.

After each apparition, the priest informed her how long it lasted, for Madeleine lost all sense of time.

She had the feeling, in fact, that she had not aged, that she returned to earth and the shadows.




Friday March 14th 1975 at 3.00 p.m.

Behold the Light ! The Lord appeared the right hand on His breast, the other hangning down.

He smiled at Madeleine and said :

« Persevere, Madeleine, in prayer, fasting and abstinence. Persevere without fear of the mockery and slander which will break out against you, for few believe in the words you have spoken, but the priest can bear witness that your face reflects the invisible Presence. After these days of fasting, you will take on a heavy task. »

Madeleine felt a little afraid of this task and said to the Lord : 

« What if I cannot accomplish this task ? »

« If I give you a task to do, it is because you will be able to do it. »

Before leaving her He said :

« Cross your hands on your breast as I taught you. » 

The Lord then smiled and disappeared.

Madeleine wrote :

« His look is full of kindness, of an inexpressible sweetness ; nobody has a look like that, limpid, more limpid than the look of a child. His face is without wrinkles, but the features are marked. He seems to be about thirty years old. Seeing Him, one has the impression that He is both flesh and spirit – and what a Spirit ! Purity, limpidity, holiness shine out thought His body. When He speaks, He doesn’t search for words, never makes a mistake, never hesitates, as pure and clear a the Cross I saw ; clarity without shadow, freshness without wrinkles, limpidity without stain. Impossible to define, as impossible to express as my interior joy in the communion, when I felt His Presence for the first time. »




Friday, March 21st 1975 at 3.30 p.m.

Jesus appeared as usual to Madeleine, His hands extended in welcome and said :

« Begin tomorrow a novena to prepare yourself for the task I shall ask of you. This novena consists of one mystery a day, followed by the prayer I taught you and a decade of the rosary. Say it with recollection and humility. »

Madeleine asked : 

« Lord, when will you let me know the task I have to do ? »

« Good Friday ! »

He smiled at Madeleine and disappeared.

He had looked at her with a grave air, but with extreme sweetness and goodness.




Good Friday, March 28th 1975

Madeleine went to the church at about 11.00 a.m. then again at 3.00 p.m. for the Stations of the Cross, and at about 5.00 p.m. but Our Lord did not appear.

She dreaded the evening because of the big congregation. At about 8.30 p.m. fifty people were in church.

Madeleine saw the Light at the top of the church beyond the high altar, which was now invisible to her. She went towards the Light, and knelt down before the Lord whose hands were held out to her.

« Say this aloud : Why do you weep over the death of Jesus Crucified, when today He is living among you ?

« Pray rather, for those who today, even more than in the past, persecute Him.

« Go back three steps ; you will repeat what I dictate, your arms crossed. » 

Jesus crossed His hands and lifted His eyes to heaven as though praying ; His eyes were grave and sad, I felt His sadness.

- Mercy my God, on those who blaspheme You, forgive them they know not what they do.

- Mercy my God, for the scandal in the world, deliver them from the spirit of Satan.

- Mercy my God, for those who today even more that in the past, persecute You ; pour your mercy into human hearts.

As Jesus lowered His hands, Madeleine saw a sphere under His feet. He lifted His hands quite high towards the congregation, and white and red rays poured from His palms. He said to Madeleine :

« Say this to them : (Madeleine repeated aloud) Know that Jesus of Nazareth has triumphed over death, that His Reign is eternal, and that He is coming to conquer the world and time. » 

Madeleine was filled with great joy. She said : 

« I felt that the Lord dominated the earth. It seemed to me that He came in power and glory, for the sphere under His feet was the earth. » 

She repeated aloud Jesus’ words :

« It is by the Glorious Cross, which Madeleine saw three years ago today, it is by the Glorious Cross which is the Sign of the Son of Man, that the world will be saved.

Jesus who is at this moment in your presence asks that you all go in procession to the place where the Glorious Cross appeared. Go and repent ; you will find Peace and Joy there. Jesus asks that every year a solemn feast be celebrated there - on this day. »

« Notum fecit Dominus a Magdalena salutare Suum. » 

Translate : « The Lord has made known His salvation by Madeleine. »

Then to Madeleine alone :

« Write what I am going to say when you get home. » 

Jesus looked at me and smiled. He held out His right hand towards me. The earth and the rays had disappeared, His look was so gentle.

« You have been chosen, Madeleine, to be the reflection of My Love. That is why you have been set all on fire. After this wonderful day, will you be so kind as to carry out an important task ? »

Madeleine said aloud : 

« May your will be done. »

« Have written out three hundred and twenty times the prayer I taught you, and be my apostle.

Go and tell each household in this town, right up to its borders, that Jesus of Nazareth has triumphed over death, that His Reign is eternal, and that He is coming to conquer the world and time.

« Say this aloud : You are living in the times when every event is the Sign of the written Word :

And without telling Madeleine to repeat it aloud


« I want them to say the prayer every day followed by a decade of the rosary. Each household that says it with great confidence will be protected from every cataclysm and then I will pour My Mercy into hearts.

If they ask you who sent you, say that it is Jesus of Nazareth, the Risen Son of Man. Remember, don't be afraid of humiliations, slander and mockery which will surge up round you. You will be hated for My Name's sake, but persevere to the end. If you wish, take someone with you. You have plenty of time to carry out this task. Your family should not suffer from it, because this last Holy Year will not end until after the raising of the Glorious Cross. But those who have the charge of raising it should hurry, because the time is near. Do not return to a household whose door has been closed to you.

Say this out loud ; Sin came into the world because of man. This is why I ask man to erect the Glorious Cross.

Tell them that afterwards I will return in glory, and you will see Me as My servant sees Me. » 

Then Jesus disappeared.

Madeleine rose and found herself in church. When she turned round and saw all eyes on her, she did not dare to go back to her place ; the priest made her a sign to go to the side aisle.



Note :

After the celebration of the Passion at 8.30 p.m., the priest strongly recommended the congregation to keep silent about what they had seen and heard, and which they didn't understand. He added that any who wanted an explanation should come and see him in private.

Although the recommendation was respected, it gave rise to false interpretations. This recommendation annulled the preparation which Christ had just made with these people - and with others later, - a preparation destined to facilitate the important task that He had told Madeleine to carry out.



The Mission of the Church



Friday, April 11th  1975 at 3.00 p.m.

Madeleine being alone in the Chapel.

Jesus appared with His hands out, smiled and said :

« Tell the priest : I desire that the whole world know the Message. The priests should speak openly and without fear, for nothing must be hidden which should be revealed. » 

Then Jesus smiled and disappeared




Friday, May 2nd, 1975 at 5.45 p.m. in the Chapel

Madeleine was alone : She saw, all of a sudden from her place, the Sacred Host send out red and white rays constantly moving in perpetual renewal ; they were not immobile like the sun's rays.

There was no Message, nor a voice, however the monstrance had disappeared to give way to the rays.

This lasted about three minutes.




Friday, May 30th 1975 at 3.00 p.m. in the Chapel

Jesus appeared with a look of great kindness :

« Tell the Priest that the era when I resuscitated bodies is no more, but the moment has come when I must resuscitate spirits. Those who claim, in the world today, to resuscitate bodies and heal them in My Name, are not worthy of My Father in heaven (*). »

« Madeleine, go and proclaim My Message to Dozulé. The task which I have given you, you must accomplish. Don't be afraid, I will give you the strength to do it. »

Then smiling :

« My Father has blessed and consecrated this town, and everyone who will come and repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross, I will resuscitate them in the spirit of My Father. They will find here Peace and Joy. »

and with a serious air :

« The first nun, who kisses you as you bring the Message, does not believe in the words you say. She under-estimates you. Don't mind too much. Be charitable. » 

Then Jesus disappeared.



Note :

This unexpected declaration of Jesus very much surprised Madeleine, who told the priest about it. Now, the latter had just received that morning a letter from Anne, aged fifteen, who lived at Amiens. He read it to Madeleine, Anne wrote :

« I do not know you, but I would like you to know that, while spending the day of Pentecost at Dozulé, I felt an urge to enter the church. Ever since I can think only of the Christ of Dozulé. I am ill with leukaemia. They hide it from me, but I know it all the same. But do not pray for my cure, but for the conversion of my parents who have no faith. As for myself, I feel my heart is dying, while my spirit is coming to life in Jesus my Saviour. »

all was clear.




Friday June 27th 1975 at 3.15 p.m.

Having come at 3.00 p.m., Madeleine was ready to leave. At 3.15 p.m. the Light appeared, then Christ, His right hand held out towards her, the other hanging down. He smiled and said :

« Ask the Nun who does not live in this town, to be so kind as to come here on Friday. Will she please bring writing materials. By your mouth, I will communicate a Message to her. » 

He smiled a moment and disappeared.




Friday, July 4th 1975 at 3.50 p.m.

The priest had just announced the third decade of the rosary.

The Light appeared and then Jesus.

He looked at Madeleine and then at Sister John of Arc who had come with writing materials :

« Say this aloud : This is what the nun must write : this letter is addressed to the Head of the Church. It is Jesus of Nazareth who is dictating it through the mouth of His servant.

He says :

« Blessed are those called by My Father who have found Peace and Joy on the land of Dozulé, but how great will be the number when the entire world will come to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross, which I am asking you to raise.

For the era when I resuscitated bodies is no more, but the moment has come when I must resuscitate spirits.

Understand this well : In the days which preceded the Deluge, people didn't suspect anything until the arrival of the flood which carried them all off. But today you have been warned, you are living in the times of which I said :

On this earth there will be disasters of all kinds : Iniquity is the cause of misery and famine, nations will be in anguish, there will be portents and phenomena in heaven and on the earth. So, be ready because Great Tribulation is near, such as has never been since the beginning of the world until today, and which will never be again.

I tell you, this young generation will not pass before all this happens. But do not be afraid, for behold in the heavens the Sign of the Son of Man which Madeleine saw shining from the East to the West. You, Head of Churches, in truth I tell you, it is by this Cross set up over the world, that nations will be saved.

My Father has sent Me to save, and the moment has come when I must pour My mercy into human hearts.

Then in a low voice to Madeleine alone :

« My Message must not sleep at the bottom of a drawer, but be Truth and Light for the whole world. »

Then aloud :

« This Glorious Cross must be raised by the end of the Holy Year. And this Holy Year must be extended until the elevation of the Glorious Cross.

Thus ends My Message. I order you to give it yourself to the Head of the Church, accompanied by a Superior. » 

Then Jesus disappeared.

The Message was dictated so slowly that Sister J. had plenty of time to write it. She waited for Monseigneur to order her to take it to the Holy Father. Madeleine had forgotten its contents.




Friday September 19th1975

That day the Mother Superior and Sister J. were to be received by the Bishop at 4.00 p.m. Madeleine went to the Chapel at 3.00 p.m. as on each Friday. She left and then came back at 4.00 p.m. because a sister had told her the time of the appointment.

After a decade of the rosary, Madeleine saw the Light at the tabernacle in the Chapel and heard :

« Tell the priest, the Nuns and two persons who know the Message to come here at 5.30 p.m. »

Then the Light disappeared.

At the hour fixed, the Light appeared, then Jesus. The 2 persons chosen by the Sisters were there.

He said to Madeleine :

« Peace be with you. Make the sign of the Cross. »

Jesus crossed His hands on His breast, raised His sad and grave look towards heaven and said :

« Father, may your Will be done on this earth. »

His look was very sad. He stayed like that a moment and then returned to His usual position. He said to Madeleine while looking at those present.

« Say this aloud : You priests and nuns entrusted with the Message, do not let humanity run to perdition. I have asked you to work to have the Glorious Cross raised. Can't you see that the moment has come because of the phenomena which follow ? Time is passing, and My Message remains in darkness. If that is so the number of saved will be small. But you, who have not carried out My Father's Word, your chastisement will be great. Because it is by the number of souls saved that you will be judged.

Don't act by wisdom and reflection, but listen to the folly of the Message. Because it is by this Message that it pleases God to save the world.

Do not be like the Jews who ask for signs.

But by this unique and definitive Message which God has revealed to His servant.

The words she has said are not of human origin. But were taught her by the Spirit.

The Moment has come when I must pour my Mercy into human hearts, but let those who have been entrusted with the Message be convinced that it is they who are preventing Me because they are keeping the world in ignorance. Remember, the days will be shortened because of the elect, but woe to those who do not carry out the Word of God. » 

Then Jesus said to her :

« Take off your shoes and leave the Chapel, and walk until your feet are resting on earth. Then come back here. »

Madeleine did what Jesus asked her. When she was on her knees again before Him, He said to her :

« This ground of Dozulé which My Father has blessed and consecrated, we are not even worthy to put a foot upon it. »

Once again Jesus' face became radiant with goodness and sweetness.

He smiled and said :

« I am the God of goodness and love. My Mercy is Infinite. If my words today are cruel, it is not in order to condemn you. On the contrary I want to save the world by My Message. » 

Then Jesus disappeared. At that time that Madeleine wrote this, Monseigneur was asking the two Sisters for  : wisdom and reflection...

Jesus answered him here with sadness.


Novena of Mercy



Friday, December 5th 1975 at 6.45 p.m.

It was nearly time for Benediction, the little chapel was full of people ; Madeleine's joy was so great when she saw the Light that she could not help crying out :

« There's the Light ! »

She got up and went before the exposed Blessed Sacrament.

Jesus appeared, His hands held out to her ; she saw only Him. 

« It is so beautiful, what an inexpressible sweetness. I can only see Jesus of Love, I am no longer in the chapel, Nothing else exists, I think of nothing else, I can no longer feel my body, I feel it is dead. When one dies I think that is how one will feel. There will be nothing but my spirit united to that of Jesus. » 

At this moment Jesus places His Hand on His breast and says :

« Say aloud what you are going to see :

With His left Hand, Jesus draws aside his robe from his breast. Jesus smiled and explained from His Heart flow red and white rays. His right hand is held out towards us :

The flames from my Heart burn Me, says Jesus. More than ever I want to pour them out on each of you. This what I promise the whole of humanity, once they know My Message and put it into practice :

- I will sweeten the bitterness into which the souls of sinners are plunged.

- I will multiply graces in the souls of priests and nuns because it is through them that My Message must be made known.

- I will keep devout and faithful souls near to My Heart ; they comforted Me on the way to Calvary.

- As soon as they know My Message, I will pour out the rays of My grace on pagans and all those who do not know Me, yet.

- I will draw the souls of heretics and apostates into the Unity of the Church.

- I will receive children and humble souls into the shelter of My Heart, so that they will cherish a special love for our Heavenly Father.

- I will grant all sorts of Graces to those who, knowing My Message, will persevere to the end.

- I will relieve the souls in Purgatory ; My Blood will extinguish their burns.

- I will bring warmth to the hardest hearts, to frozen souls, to those who wound My Heart the most deeply.

- I promise all those who come repentant to the foot of the Glorious Cross, and who say every day the prayer that I have taught them, that in this life Satan will have no more power over them, and that after a long period of sinfulness, in an instant they will become pure and will be children of God for ever.

My Father, Whose Goodness is infinite, wants to save humanity which is on the edge of the abyss. You must prepare yourselves through this ultimate Message. Know that it will be at the moment when you no longer believe in it, that the Message will be accomplished, because you know neither the day nor the hour when I shall come back in glory. » 

Then Jesus took up again His usual position and said :

« In twenty days you will begin a novena ; it will end on the first Friday of the month. I shall say every day the prayer I have just taught you. This novena will prolong the Holy Year. »

« In twenty days, yes, oh how happy I am... »

Red and white rays flowed from the Lord's Heart while He was dictating His promises.

Madeleine passed these twenty days in expectation, prayer and recollection. She counted the days « like a young girl who awaits her fiancé. » She felt united to this Jesus who is all Love, all Mercy. Her joy was great, a spiritual joy which lifts up to heaven, and which she asked Jesus to share with all unhappy, lonely people, with unbelievers.

She wasn't able to sleep on this lovely Eve of Christmas 1975...

« How beautiful was Christmas Day 1975 ! » 




December 25th 1975, at 3.15 p.m. (1st day)

Madeleine arrived at the chapel at 3.00 p.m. knowing that Jesus was coming, her heart beats fast. At 3.15 p.m. the halo of light formed round the Blessed Sacrament. Madeleine came forward and knelt down, but Jesus did not appear. She heard, uttered in strong voice :

« God has spoken to men. Let those who are entrusted with the Message listen to His voice. Because of their lack of faith, the whole world will experience great catastrophes, which will shake the four corners of the earth. What you are experiencing now is only the beginning of sorrows. Humanity will not find Peace, so long as it does not know My Message and put it into practice. »

Then Jesus appeared and went on, Madeleine repeating :

« Would you be so kind as to come here for eight consecutive days. You will make a novena that I will dictate to you each day. My Father, Whose Goodness is infinite, wants to make His Message known to the world, in order to avoid the catastrophe. More than ever I want to pour a flood of My grace on all souls in distress. And here is what I promise to each of these souls when they know My Message and put it into practice. » 

« The first day »

At the moment Jesus lifted His left hand to His heart and drew aside His robe ; red and white rays burst forth. The other hand was held out to Madeleine, towards everyone, towards the world. Madeleine repeated each sentence.

« I will sweeten the bitterness into which the souls of sinners are plunged. » 

Then Jesus said to Madeleine :

« Say with Me : Our Father... »

Jesus said it all very slowly with Madeleine.

« Say three times : Hail Mary... »

Madeleine recited these alone

« Say : « By your sorrowful Passion, Lord, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Glory to God in the highest. Peace and Joy on earth to the men He loves. »

« You will say this every day. »

Then Jesus disappeared.




December 26th 1975 at 5.15 p.m. (2nd day)

The Light, and then the Lord appeared His left hand on His Heart. Red and white rays pour from His Heart. He draws aside His robe, His right Hand is extended to the world. Jesus waited after each phrase so that Madeleine repeated :

« The second day »

« I will multiply graces in the souls of priest and nuns, because it is through them that My Message must be made known. »

Jesus said :

« Our Father... » Madeleine continued alone.

Jesus added :

 « Say three times : Hail Mary... » Madeleine said them alone.

Jesus continued :

« By your sorrowful Passion, Lord, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Glory to God in the highest. Peace and Joy on earth to the men He loves. »

Madeleine repeated this.

Jesus held out His two hands to Madeleine, smiled and disappeared.




December 27th 1975 at 5.15 p.m. (3rd day)

The Light and then Jesus appeared as usual. Madeleine rose, went forward, knelt down and greeted Jesus.

« The third day »

At this moment, brilliant rays sprang red and white, from His Heart.

« I will keep devout and faithful souls near to My Heart ; They comforted Me on the way to Calvary. »

Jesus said :

« Our Father... » Madeleine repeated and went on with the prayer alone.

Then :

« 3 Hail Mary... » which Madeleine continue alone.

And, as on the day before :

« By your sorrowful Passion, Lord, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Glory to God in the highest. Peace and Joy on earth to the men He loves. »

« Make the sign of the Cross »

« The rays which pour from His Heart must spread over all repentant sinners, and all those who call upon Him. » Madeleine commented.




December 28th 1975 at 5.15 p.m. (4th day)

The Light appeared, then Jesus. His hands held out to Madeleine, He smiled :

« The fourth day »

As each time, with a slow movement of His left Hand, He revealed His Heart. At once red and white rays burst forth ; He stretched out His right Hand of which the palm was visible : Madeleine repeated what Jesus dictated :

« As soon as they know My Message, I will pour out the rays of My grace on pagans and all those who do not know Me, yet. »

« Our Father... » Madeleine continued. « Who art in heaven…»

« 3 Hail Mary... » Madeleine continued twice, she forgot the third time.

Then :

« By your sorrowful Passion, Lord, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Jesus held out His hands, raised His eyes to heaven and said in a louder voice :

 Glory to God in the highest. Peace and Joy on earth to the men He loves. »

And looking at Madeleine :

« Make the sign of the Cross »

Madeleine came to her senses, and her eyes of flesh no longer saw Christ.




December 29th 1975 at 6.30 p.m. (5th day)

Madeleine was delayed, but she did not feel drawn as on other days until 6.30 p.m. Just as she arrived she saw the Light. Jesus appeared as usual :

« The fifth day »

Rays come out of His Heart

« I will draw the souls of heretics and apostates into the Unity of the Church. »

« Our Father... » 

« 3 Hail Marys... » (three times)

Jesus said the first words of each « Hail Mary », perhaps because of her forgetfulness the day before, according to Madeleine.

Madeleine goes on repeating :

« By your sorrowful Passion, Lord, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Glory to God in the highest. Peace and Joy on earth to the men He loves. »

Then Jesus said :

« Make the sign of the Cross »

Madeleine answered : « Yes ! »

« His hands were gently lowered, Jesus looked at me, smiled and disappeared »




December 30th 1975 at 5.30 p.m. (6th day)

The Light appeared. Christ, who delayed a little, only appeared when Madeleine went on her knees before the light. Red and white rays sprang from His Heart. He held His right hand out towards those present and said :

« The sixth day »

« I will receive children and humble souls into the shelter of My Heart, so that they will cherish a special love for our Heavenly Father. »

« Our Father... » which Madeleine says alone, also the three « Hail Mary... »

« By your sorrowful Passion, Lord, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Glory to God in the highest. Peace and Joy on earth to the men He loves. »

« Make the sign of the Cross »

« Perhaps I would forge it if Jesus did not say it each time with me. » adds Madeleine.

Then Jesus disappeared.




December 31st1975 at 5.15 p.m. (7th day)

The Light, then Jesus appeared as on the preceding days, His left hand on His whence came the red and white rays, His right hand held out to those present.

« The seventh day »

« I will grant all sorts of Graces to those who, knowing My Message will persevere to the end. »

« Our Father... » « 3 Hail Mary... » (three times)

« By your sorrowful Passion, Lord, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Glory to God in the highest. Peace and Joy on earth to the men He loves. »

« Make the sign of the Cross »

The rays disappeared, His robe fell back into place, and His hands were once more held out to Madeleine.

Jesus said : (without indicating she should repeat it aloud)

« In three days go and tell the magistrate of this town that Jesus of Nazareth has triumphed over death, that His Reign is eternal and that He is coming to conquer the world and time. If he asks who sent you, say that it is Jesus of Nazareth, the Risen Son of Man. Take him the Message ; let him get to know it.

Tell him that God entrusts him to give back to the Church the land of which she must become the owner. »

Madeleine : « If I am badly received ? »

Jesus smiled :

« His appearance will be harsh, but his heart will be transformed ; his dignity will not let it show. »

Madeleine : « Lord, I will do Your Will. »

Jesus disappeared. The priest was absent. On his return, Sister B. transmitted the Message to him. In reply, the priest, who wanted to do nothing without the Bishop' advice, forbade Madeleine to take the Message to the Mayor. (The magistrate of this town.)

Madeleine had every intention of transmitting the Message to the Mayor.

She noted :

« Whom should one obey ? Christ or the Church ? It was the second time I disobeyed Jesus. The priest hinders me each time, but I also know that obedience has its value…» 

She went to the chapel and there recovered her peace.



Note :

In spite of this prohibition, Madeleine accompanied by Mme A. did take the Message to the Mayor after making an appointment. He welcomed them very well, and then contacted the priest. That same evening the latter sent the Sisters to fetch Madeleine so as to inform her of their vivid dissatisfaction regarding her proceedings with the Mayor.




January 1st 1976 at 5.40 p.m. (8th day)

The Light appeared, then Jesus, then red and white rays came out His Heart...Red and white rays came out. The red rays, more numerous, were like blood which gushed from a spring, the Source of Life. They were alive, springing slightly then flowing downwards, rather like sprinklers on a lawn. They renewed themselves incessantly.

Jesus said : (Madeleine repeated it aloud as on the preceding days.)

« The eighth day »

« I will relieve the souls in Purgatory ; My Blood will extinguish their burns. »

« Our Father... » « 3 Hail Marys... »

« By your sorrowful Passion, Lord, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Glory to God in the highest. »

Jesus lifts His gaze afar :

« Peace and Joy on earth to the men He loves. »

And on withdrawing His left hand from His Heart, the rays faded.

« Make the sign of the Cross »

Jesus smiled and disappeared.




Friday January 2nd 1976 at 5.53 p.m. (9th day)

The Light, then Jesus appeared a usual uncovering His radiant Heart.

« The ninth day »

« I will bring warmth to the hardest hearts, to frozen souls, to those who wound My Heart the most deeply. »

« Our Father... » 

« 3 Hail Marys... »

« By your sorrowful Passion, Lord, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Glory to God in the highest. Peace and Joy on earth to the men He loves. »

« Say this aloud (Madeleine repeat each sentence after Him) :

I promise all souls who come repentant to the foot of the Glorious Cross, and who say every day the prayer that I have taught them, that in this life Satan will have no more power over them, and that after a long period of sinfulness, in an instant they will become pure and will be children of God for ever. My father, whose Kindness is infinite, wants to save the humanity which is at the edge of the abyss. You must prepare yourselves through this ultimate Message. »

« Make the sign of the Cross. »

Then Jesus lowered His Hands and aid (without indicating she should repeat it aloud) :

« Without saying a word, ponder in your heart the words you have heard. Although time passes, your faith must remain unshakable. »

Jesus smiled and disappeared.

Madeleine wrote :

« So those wonderful nine days have ended. The last words that Jesus has just said to me, make me think that I shall not see Him again for a good while... The months pass, Jesus has not come back. Doubtless His Message has ended.

But in spite of the Message which Jesus wishes to be proclaimed to the world, and which the Church has the responsibility of acknowledging, I remain in great peace... O my God, may your Kingdom come, but before then, make your Message spread over the whole world... »

« I pray that Jesus may enlighten those who doubt... He is always present in my heart, especially after each communion... »

Madeleine prayed and did penitence so that the designs of God might be accomplished.

---------------------                      -----------------------                       ---------------------

Then Gerard Cordonnier came to Dozulé.

Madeleine always through that is was God who sent him. She put all hr confidence in him, and entrusted to him the notebooks she had written with the help of the Holy Spirit.




Thus, Friday December 10, 1976, Madeleine invited to come to the vault. After twenty minutes of meditation, it saw the Michael Archangel (*) leaving the wall of the gate vault on the left. It said to him :


« Greetings. Tell Gerard that it is to him that I am speaking :


« Gerard, you who have welcomed the Message with so much love, do what your conscience will tell you after each time of recollection. Let yourself be guided by God.  Those who d not want to listen to My Message will be called Sons of God. »


Madeleine comments on:


« I was aware I was in the chapel, but I did not feel transported to heaven as when Jesus appears. »


(*) It was Satan itself which had been presented, the Lord revealed in the 47th Apparition.



Note :


The circumstances of Gerard’s coming to Dozulé are worth relating. In a work by the writer Jean Guitton, Father L’Horset noticed a remark strongly resembling one of his own on the same subject. He pointed this out to the author who replied that the phrase was not his but Gerard C’s, whose address he enclosed. Gerard C., contacted by Father L’Horset learnt incidentally from the latter, that there was a mystic in his parish. Now, Gerard, a graduate « of the Ecole Polytechnique » (France’s best Engineering College) and a noted optician, etc., had been interested, since 1933, in mystical phenomena and especially in contemporary apparitions. So he was very pleased to be welcomed at Dozulé, where he arrived for the first time on September l4th 1976, feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Several months of enquiries and severe checking assured him of the authenticity of the unique and definitive Message of Jesus to Madeleine as well as the rare quality of her balance and wisdom. So he undertook the diffusion of the Message, which had remained secret since 1972, but because of this, attracted the disapproval of the religious authorities. Madeleine was to write and ask him not to come back to Dozulé, when a car accident put an end to his earthly life, on July l2th 1977. Gerard had satisfied himself that the realization of the Glorious Cross presented no technical problems. He left us his blueprints.



Dozulé, the New Jerusalem



First Friday of July 1977

The priest had gone to Caen to see the Bishop. Sister B. was also away. Madeleine and Mme T. were alone in the chapel at that moment. Madeleine wrote :

« A cracking noise, and the Archangel Michael appeared to the left of the Blessed Sacrament ; I knelt down before him, but with his left hand which was free he signed to me to go forward to the Blessed Sacrament. So, I turned away, and the moment I knelt down before Him, He sent out red and white rays without my seeing Him. Jesus was indeed there, for I felt myself vitalized by His rays. »


The Archangel said :


« Greetings, » 


and bowed his head to me and said :


« Devoted daughter, burning with charity, God has established in his Church :


1° apostles,


2° prophets,


3° doctors


and many others He has chosen. But you, in today's world, apostle and prophet, act with people according to your heart ; the Consoler is guiding you. God has made known what must happen tomorrow at dawn, in witnessing to all you have seen, heard and touched of Jesus Christ. But woe to the world because of intrepid priests who fight and refuse. God is angered by this refusal of obedience and His anger is cruel. But Jesus, the Meek, the Wise, His love is so great for men, that He wants to save them in spite of everything, because this generation is the most hypocritical and the most wicked, but because of lethargic priests and because the day has come when God must judge the world, He gives His grace to all those who listen to Him, and declares blessed those who make known His Message, and put it into practice.

« But you, Madeleine, who have been entrusted with transmitting it to the priest, listen to him and correspond with him. Remain in the peace given you by Jesus, meditate in your heart, and pray, pray, for Jesus weeps over the degradation of His Church. »

The Archangel disappeared, and then the rays that surrounded the Blessed Sacrament.



Note :


The Lord had clearly said that the priest should not leave his parish before the accomplishment of the task which had been asked of him during the sixth apparition. The Bishop, wishing to satisfy himself about the continuation of the Apparitions by changing the priest, told Father L’Horset, on July 1st 1977, of his move to Pont-Farcy. Although he felt very upset, the latter accepted because he thought he could thus serve the cause of the Message. It must be said that, going to the appointment with the Bishop, his car broke down, and the car of the Sister who came to his help also broke down. Father L’Horset was imbued with the Message, and had organized talks about it for some time.


The Abbot Queudeville, who replaced him, did not know anything about the apparitions.


- On July l2th, 1977, Gerard C. died.




Friday December 2nd 1977 in the chapel

After the Light, the rays flowed from the Host and Madeleine heard a voice :

« Would you be so kind as to hand over your manuscripts to the priest named by the man. »

Madeleine did this.




Friday February 3rd 1978 at 6.15 p.m.

It is Madeleine who speaks :

« I went to the chapel from 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. to adore Jesus. She went back at 5.30 p.m. after giving tea to the children home from school.

I think I felt drawn to the chapel, to go there at that time. In the church I heard 6.15 p.m. strike, there was only one person there. I trembled with joy, for I saw the Light take the whole place of the Blessed Sacrament as on previous occasions, that is, there was neither Blessed Sacrament, nor altar. Then Jesus appeared, His Hands held out to me in welcome.

I was happy because I hadn't seen Jesus Himself in person, since January 2nd 1976 (at the end of the novena). »

Jesus said :

« Make the sign of the Cross. »

Then raising His eyes to heaven, He joined His Hands at breast-level and said :


« In the Name of My Father in Heaven, I have come to put things right. Satan is seducing you. After the ninth day of the promises I made to humanity, he came to make trouble in My Message (*). But listen well to this :

When God the Father sends Blessed Michael, the Light always precedes his coming, and remember My words : evil spirits will come in My Name who will seduce you, and will come even to your houses disguised as angels of light. Don't believe them, they will lead you into error. Be on your guard ; you have been warned. You are living in the period when Satan is unchained in all his might ; but the time is approaching when I shall come to conquer evil. »

Then Jesus lowered His Hands as though in welcome, He smiled at me for a long time and said :


« You Madeleine, who are the only visible sign for My Message, you will not fall again into error. Henceforth, I order you, make the sign of the Cross as soon as a light appears. If it is Satan, at that same moment everything will disappear. »

Jesus smiled and said :

« Peace be with you. »

and then it was dark.

« The Sisters had gone to Mass at Brucourt ; I presumed the doors were closed, so I went back quickly to the house to write, and I locked myself in the bathroom ; that was the only door with a key. I cried so much I could scarcely write : « to have been seduced by Satan ! and Jesus in His great goodness, had come to tell me ! ».

(*) In 1976, before the coming of Gerard C., one day the priest said to her : « Watch out for the devil, be on your guard because he is very strong. » She remembered answering him : « Oh, M. le Curé, I don’t know the devil, I’ve never met him ; I have nothing to do with him. » That same day, February 3rd, she realised that the priest was right.


Between the two apparitions of Christ on 2nd January 1976, and 3rd February 1978, that is over two years, Madeleine had seen a certain number of « supernatural manifestations » which had troubled her. Father L’Horset first, and then Christ Himself had pointed out the diabolical origin of these manifestations.



Note :


At the beginning of 1978, a storm broke Dozulé’s fine granite Calvary, dragging with it the beautiful Christ, whose thumb and index fingers are joined in that very symbolic position. Devout hands laid the figure on the ground at the foot of the Calvary and it stayed there until some days before March 28th 1981. Even now, only a small Cross replaces the Calvary.




Friday July 7th 1978 at 2.00 p.m. in the chapel

Madeleine :

« The Light appeared in place of the Blessed Sacrament, a little wider than usual.

Straightaway I made the sign of the cross as Jesus told me the previous time, and I said :

« If it's Satan, let him disappear. » 

« As soon as I had made the sign of the cross and said these words, I felt peace and confidence take possession of me. »

Then Jesus appeared, smiled and said :

« Tell them what you see. »

« I saw Jesus seated, in front of Him a table like an altar, but the altar in the chapel was there no longer. It was a white table, like white stone. On this table several books were open ; six or seven, I'm not quite sure. Then, another book, also open which Jesus held in His Hands. »

Then He said to me :

« Would you be so kind as to say this aloud ? »

I repeat each sentence :

« Be careful, you all who keep veiled the prophetic words which have been given to you, the book I hold in My Hands, is the BOOK OF LIFE, which My Father has just given Me the power to open, and it is on this holy and sacred hill, the place He has chosen, that everything will be renewed. It is here that you will see the Holy City, the New Jerusalem.

 And behold, God's dwelling will appear among you. But then, those who fight and refuse to hear the words which this humble servant has pronounced will strike their breasts. You, whom I have asked to proclaim My Message, you are guilty of leaving the world in ignorance of what must soon happen. Do not lean on your own reflection. Why do you resist, since I have given you My dogmatic Grace. For pity's sake, I ask you to listen to Me, My Heart is overflowing with Mercy. » 

Jesus rose, the Table disappeared. He smiled a long time at me then He said :

« Tell the priest and all whom you will meet what you have just seen and heard ; you will remember it all day. » 

Then Jesus disappeared suddenly and « I was back in darkness. » 



The 49th and last APPARITION

Friday October 6th 1978 at 9.15 a.m.

Madeleine arrived at the chapel at 9.00 a.m. to pay a visit to the Blessed Sacrament. She was alone :

At 9.15 a.m. the Light appeared ; I thought of fetching Sister B. but I did not have time. Jesus appeared, His Hands held out as though to welcome me. He said :

« Make the sign of the Cross. » 

He was smiling all the time. Then He joined His Hands and with a sad expression said :

« Pray and do penitence without wearying. » 

His manner was grave :

« For the third time, Madeleine, I ask you to be My apostle, by accomplishing the task I asked. Don't be afraid, you will be hated because of Me. But afterwards sons of Light will arise in this town. » 

Then after a silence :

« Today you see Me again, but you will see Me no longer ; however I shall continue to visit you in My Body and Blood. » 

After another silence :

« But when this Cross will be raised from the ground, then you will see Me, for at that moment I shall reveal to the Churches the mysteries written in BOOK OF LIFE which has just been opened. Tell the Bishop what you have just seen and heard. » 

Then He smiled at me and said :

« In spite of My supplications, do not be anxious, you possess a wisdom that no one else down here possesses ; your calm and your silence are the visible signs of My Word in this world where action and boldness dominate. May your face always reflect the Invisible Presence. I tell you, obey your Superior, He alone is responsible on this earth for doing the Will of My Father, but woe to the world in peril, for he is delaying. » 

Then Jesus smiled and disappeared.



Note :

Before this apparition, Madeleine had made a novena to know whom to obey.

The Lord had indeed said that it was no longer the era when He raised bodies from the dead but that the moment had come when He should raise spirits. (31st and 33rd App.) Such a resurrection happened in 1979, to Madeleine's great joy, because it was that of her husband, to whom she revealed, that year, her visions of the Cross and the Apparitions of Christ... Her husband, an upright man of good sense, assured by his wife that she had really seen the Glorious Cross, was moved to tears, and returned for the first time in many years to kneel and pray at the chapel.